Hair Repair



At Akada, we’re constantly on the lookout for the best new products and techniques to enhance our corrective color process. We spend a ton of time learning from the best brands and stylists from around the world to help broaden our understanding of color theory and expand our knowledge in treating damaged hair. Any experienced hair stylist can tell you that major color correction can be quite a beast to tackle, but we think the results always make the process totally worth it.


Annika was one of our more recent color correction clients to come into the salon looking for a change. She has always been a faithful client at Akada, and even after she moved to NYC to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology, she came back to Columbus for her corrective color because she only trusted Mackenzie for her attention to detail and level of expertise in such an involved process.

Here is a run-down of how we took Annika from this…




to this…



In order to take her hair back to a blank canvas, Mackenzie had to remove the color with a direct dye eraser. We use this technique to get our color-obsessed clients transformed from their semi-perm color while keeping locks in a gleaming, healthy condition. (It’s way more involved than it sounds - this very intricate process can take about 1.5 hours… aka don’t try this at home, folks!)

Once Mac had her canvas prepped, she performed another color and toning process using Olaplex and Davines brand products to achieve Annika’s amazing end result. We only use the best of the best when it comes to our color products within the salon. Our list of criteria is extensive when it comes to what products get our seal of approval and with these two brands, the benefits are endless.

We use Olaplex because it works dynamically on every type of hair to provide real structural repair that works from within to strengthen and support healthy hair.

Davines is known for their reputation of creating innovative products enriched with natural ingredients. Our Davines color systems give hair an intense condition with extra shine and long-lasting colors. (most Davines products also have super low ammonia levels to keep harsh smells to a minimum.)

Almost 3 hours later, Mackenzie had Annika back to long, glowing blonde locks. We’re always so impressed with the powerful duo of our stylists training and knowledge paired with these incredible products and their ability to maintain the integrity, health and shine of the hair. (Because let’s be honest; without a healthy shine in the hair, the best color means nothing!)




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